5 Years Teaching Airbrush Tanning Classes

January 10, 2016


I’m excited and happy to reflect on the past.   5 years ago I started with the idea of teaching airbrush tanning and my first student who found me on the internet was Candice from St. George Utah.  I’m still in touch with her and I found out recently that she moved to California.  How time goes by – I can’t believe it’s been 5 years and I actually stopped counting the amount of students that I taught hands-on airbrush tanning.

From the start my vision was big.  I felt there was a need to teach others how to do professional airbrush tans.  I’ve always had the talent to figure out on how to improve on something.  I’ve always wanted to make things better – maybe that’s because of my German heritage because we are taught to make something perfect.  And I think I really figured it out with spray tanning.

In these 5 years, I’ve grown myself and with the help of over 300 plus students, I’ve been able to fully develop an extensive airbrush tanning training program.  When I originally started teaching this, I taught out of my home.  Many of the students came to my home to see how I set up a spray room out of my house.  And now all students are invited into my professional airbrush tanning studio in Los Angeles/Hollywood.  I’ve grown myself, have learned a lot and continue to give back to others.  I’m so very proud of all students as I’ve seen them grow and build an amazing business with lot’s of clients.  I continuously hear their success stories and that makes me feel wonderful.

When I look back, I remember that the training was actually done in 1 day however because of the feedback from previous students, I expanded the training program and it’s actually now 2 days.  In addition, there is also online training so in reality it’s 3-4 days.  But the actual hands-on training is done in 1 day but before coming in to the hands-on training, there is so much that beginners need to learn.  And I’m still working on expanding further because one of the most popular topic is how to do bodybuilder spray tanning.  The basics are already included in my main course, however now I am working on developing a more advanced course.

I am also excited to have added Tammy who is a trainer in Connecticut and I am helping her now grow her area so she can take on students and teach airbrush tanning every week as I do here in Los Angeles.  Tammy was my backup trainer here in Los Angeles but her husband was transferred to Connecticut so in a way this was perfect for the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy to expand to the East Coast.  Now people can either train in Los Angeles with me or in Connecticut with her.  And I’m still waiting for many other previous students until they are ready to become trainers.  It’s a work in progress and we will get there in time.  I am so looking forward to the future and to see how many more people we can train and make successful in having their own airbrush tanning business.


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