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Learn & Observe How To Do A Mobile Tan At One Of My Celebrity Client Home

Come with me and watch me do a live demonstration of a home visit at one of my celebrity client’s house.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity to not only learn and observe but also meet one of my celebrities.  This requires students to complete the Basic Course and hands-on course before going on this appointment.  This also requires a 3rd day of training.

Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Salon Technician Course

This Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Salon course is an online, self-paced eLearning course.  This course has many different video lessons which consists of 4 hours of training.  These are topics and issues you need to know before working at the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Salon and it will help you understand the magic behind matching formulas to different skin types.

Marketing, Social Media & Web Strategy

In this course you are learning my best tips, tricks and trade secrets on how to find clients right away and get your business up and running quickly without having to spend money in advertising.  You will learn how to position yourself all over the internet and learn about the many great tools I use to market myself. Because of this course, my students know how to get lot’s of clients right away.

Spray Tan Problems & How To Solve Them

This course is for graduates who have completed the Basic Airbrush Tanning course and the Graduate Course.  This course will give you the answers to many possible spray tan issues and how to solve them.

Legal, Policy & Terms Course – start here

This is just a quick course on our Terms & Conditions Policy, Privacy Policy and Licensing Agreement and Facebook Group policy that we have in place. You signed this when you first enrolled as a student.  If and when we make updates to our policies they will be updated here and on all our websites.

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Airbrush Tanning 101 – coming soon

This course will give you the basic knowledge about Sunless Tanning.  It talks about the history of tanning including spray tanning to the magic behind DHA and also about our skin and skin types and details about FDA recommendations to protection for your clients and how to maintain a sunless tan.  This course is the first course for any student to get started on. After this course students will take a quick test to confirm that knowledge has been retained and all students will receive the official badge plus a certificate.

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Master Airbrush Tanning Certification Course

This course is for the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy’s certified airbrush tanning technicians who want to advance or become a trainer after at least 3 month of spray tanning.  It requires either an in person spray tan in front of a trainer or a video needs to be sent on you spray tanning a person.  Instructions on how to do this will be given in this course.

This course is also good for those students who want to know how they are doing with the technique and how they could improve on their spray tanning technique.  A general test is also given in order to get the Master Airbrush Tanning Certificate and we will also do an official Press Release on you accomplishing your Master Airbrush Tanning certificate. You will also be getting an official badge and certificate to display your accomplishment.

Online Video Conference Airbrush Tanning Training (Virtual Learning)

This course or video lessons are for those students who learn online online.  There are several models that were spray tanned while having the video conference.  These videos were taken live and students asked good questions that were captured in the training.  These video lessons are for those students who are learning online through life video training classes and it just gives the extra help needed to perfect the spray tanning technique. This course also includes the Basic Airbrush Tanning and Graduate Airbrush Tanning Course.


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Online Only Airbrush Tanning Training – Student Being Trained Live In Front Of The Camera

In this course I trained a new student live in front of the camera and we video taped everything.  We are also going on a Mobile tan appointment and cover my favorite marketing technique on how to get lot’s of clients. My student also spray tans her first person live in front of the camera and I correct her in a few important things.

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Spray Tanning Machine Reviews

In this course, I recorded a live webcast with one potential student who was so confused about which spray tanning machine to purchase. I spent 2 hours over video conference talking about 5 different spray tanning machines that are currently available on the market.

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Graduate Airbrush Tanning Training Course

This course is only for those students who have completed the hands-on airbrush tanning classes at the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy.  In this course you will receive all the reminder videos about the spray tanning routine, order forms for supplies, machines and other things to market your business.

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Basic Airbrush Tanning Certification

This Basic Airbrush Tanning Certification course is an online, self-paced eLearning course.  This course has many different video lessons which consists of 4 hours of training.  These are topics and issues you need to know in order to start your own airbrush tanning business and will help you understand the magic behind matching formulas to different skin types.

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Everything you need to get started immediately

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    Hands-On Training

    Comprehensive 1 day or 2 half-days hands-on training with 3-4 real models using a variety of real spray tanning solution. Supplies and solution for the training is included.

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    Spray Tanning Bible

    Receive a 155-page Spray Tanning Book with lot’s of advice and tips including marketing ideas, sample press release, how to do body contouring and so much more

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    Basic Online Video Training

    You get access to 4 hours of online video training before attending the hands-on training covering everything from skin types, education on a variety of spray tanning solution, bodybuilder spray tanning and so much more.

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    Forms & Client Handouts

    Includes client waiver form, prep-instructions/handouts ready for you to just add your own logo to it. No need to write anything – everything is already written for you

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    Certificate & Pin

    You will receive a beautiful certificate and a golden Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy pin to wear on your shirt plus verified digital credentials to be used in emails, website, social media linking back to the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy website.

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    Model Pictures

    We take pictures of all the models you spray tan and hand over copyrights to you so you can immediately start your own portfolio and use them in social media marketing

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    Booking Models

    We book all the models with different skin types and many of them are real talented models or actors – there is nothing you have to organize or bring to class.

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    Equipment Education

    Extensive review and education on a variety of Spray Tanning equipment.  Test out several machines and guns during your hands-on training and buy the equipment you learned with

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    Suppliers List

    Receive a comprehensive list of all the suppliers where you purchase the solutions and supplies directly at negotiated student discount. We refer you directly and do not sell you anything and this alone is a huge saving.

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    Graduate Course

    After the hands-on training course, you will receive an additional 5 hours online video course which includes reminder videos on the spray tanning technique, problem solving, marketing, developing a web presence, how to get immediate clients and so much more


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Student Testimonial

The training I received was top notch. Simone did all of the research and gave me the knowledge and confidence to get out there and start my own airbrush tanning business. Simone’s spray tanning techniques and tricks of the trade are fool proof. Simone backs up her promise to answer all of your questions. So you are never alone. The videos and information you receive are priceless. I’m so glad I met Simone and was fortunate to attend the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy. I left knowing I could become successful in the spray tanning industryDebbie Nahman, Johnston, Rhode Island

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