The Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy is now using a series of Digital Credentials to acknowledge, verify and make visible the skills of the academy’s certified airbrush tanning technicians.


Digital credentials, also known as open badges, are the newest way for professionals to share their achievements and skills in the marketplace. You can share your credentials on your email signature, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, website, blog or other platform. Anyone who views it may click on it and be brought to a customized, individual verification page, which confirms who the credential was issued to, when it was issued, what was involved in earning it, and what it qualifies the earner to do.


Unlike traditional certifications or degrees, a digital credential gives a potential client or employer the ability to instantly see what you had to do to earn it, what coursework it covered and what it qualifies you to do, simply by clicking on your credential. It also provides secure verification so the viewer can confirm that you did in fact earn it, and when you earned it. By providing this level of detail and verification, clients or future employers can accurately determine if your qualifications are the right match for them.


Although digital credentials and badges are still a relatively new concept, they are already being used by education institutions to “stand out from the crowd” by validating skills, abilities, qualities, and achievements.


The following are our digital badges that all students can earn:

Airbrush Tanning 101 Certificate Seal

Airbrush Tanning 101 Certificate Seal-pn


Airbrush Tanning 101 Course






Basic Airbrush Tanning Course




Master Airbrush Tanning Certification Co


Master Airbrush Tanning Course







Certified Airbrush Tanning Technician Badge – to be obtained after hands-on training




Airbrush Tanning Trainer-png