Spray Tanning Machine Reviews


Spray Tanning Machine Reviews

In this course, I recorded a live webcast with one potential student who was so confused about which spray tanning machine to purchase. I spent 2 hours over video conference talking about 5 different spray tanning machines that are currently available on the market.


Graduate Airbrush Tanning Training Course

This course is only for those students who have completed the hands-on airbrush tanning classes at the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy.  In this course you will receive all the reminder videos about the spray tanning routine, order forms for supplies, machines and other things to market your business.

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Student Testimonial

The training I received was top notch. Simone did all of the research and gave me the knowledge and confidence to get out there and start my own airbrush tanning business. Simone’s spray tanning techniques and tricks of the trade are fool proof. Simone backs up her promise to answer all of your questions. So you are never alone. The videos and information you receive are priceless. I’m so glad I met Simone and was fortunate to attend the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy. I left knowing I could become successful in the spray tanning industryDebbie Nahman, Johnston, Rhode Island